Paradigm Press provides consulting services in Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).

We investigate and solve problems of interference between all types of electrical and electronic systems.

The list of interference problems and potential problems we have investigated includes:

  • Interference to a radiotelescope from mobile phones
  • Potential interference to a radiotelescope from a new defence installation
  • Interference to security systems and computers from plastic welders
  • Interference to a pizza sub conveyor from motor speed controllers
  • Interference to country banking computers from fire authority radio transmitters
  • Interference to radio receivers and audio systems from radar on Navy ships
  • Interference from airport radar to commercial IT systems
  • Interference to defence HF receiving stations from UPS (uninterruptible power supplies)
  • Interference to dairy cattle RFID systems
  • Magnetic field interference to office equipment from electric substations
  • Interference to IT systems from power cabling in buildings
  • Potential interference at office sites from High Voltage power lines
  • Magnetic field interference from underground rail systems

In the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility we provide advice and assistance in:

  • Writing EMC Test Plans and procedures
  • Supervising EMC testing of defence systems
  • Choosing equipment to minimise interference
  • Siting Radar and Radiocommunications installations
  • Selecting magnetic shielding to reduce interference
  • Estimating the effects of magnetic fields from electric substations, transformers, switchrooms and building cabling
  • Design of electrical and electronic systems to reduce interference
  • Design of building electrical systems to reduce electrical interference
  • Predicting and measuring electric and magnetic fields from High Voltage power lines
  • Protecting audio systems from magnetic fields
  • Considering the impact of Electromagnetic Environmental Effects on electronic, communications and navigational systems



We also provide advice and assistance in the field of electromagnetic radiation hazards (EMR, EMF, RADHAZ).

We have investigated the potential and present hazards to people in situations such as:

  • Magnetic field hazards (EMF) to occupants of multi-storey apartment blocks
  • (EMF) Magnetic field hazards from High Voltage (HV) power lines at a tennis club
  • Magnetic field hazards from High Voltage and Low Voltage power lines in people's homes
  • Potential hazards from mobile phone base stations in schools, kindergartens, homes, offices and shopping centres
  • Hazards to personnel from radar and high frequency antennas on board Navy ships and submarines
  • Hazards to operators from induction heaters
  • Hazards to operators from computer terminals

We have also investigated radiation hazards from radio and radar transmitters to explosive ordnance and aircraft re-fuelling installations.

Applied Electromagnetics